Progress so far…

Work commenced with the assembling of the necessary engineering drawings. Numerous drawings have
been acquired from the Great Eastern Railway Society and the National Railway Museum. Original drawings
have been converted to the AutoCAD system. Drawings have already been prepared.

Since 2003 Some small components, such as smoke-box door handles, cab window coal guards, etc have been
fabricated. During 2004 and 2005 the valences and buffer beams have been completed and assembled. Patterns
have also been made for the non driving wheels. Photos of some of the work carried out so far can be found here.

In the Autumn of 2003 the trust located a suitable workshop at Ovington in North Essex.


The Trust was granted corporate membership of the Heritage Railway Association in March 2004.

F5 67218

Front Elevation

F5 67218 Chimney

F5 67218 Chimney

The smokebox handle door assembly was completed in Somerset.

Smokebox Handle Door Assembly

The smokebox lock and door ring.

Smokebox Lock

Smokebox Door Ring

Completion of the pattern for the non driving wheels in Spring 2005

Non-driving Wheel

Left: Graham Rowland, Director of Engineering.

Right: Steve Cooper, Managing Director.

Non-driving Wheel

Assembly of the buffer beams and valences in August 2005

Rear Buffer Beam

Rear Buffer Beam

Rear Buffer Beam